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First Outdoor Ride of 2012

Posted by on March 12, 2012

Friday was my first time riding  ‘outdoors’ since my literal run-in with an SUV in September of 2011 (see second video below).  I’m happy to report that I stayed upright the entire ride this time.  I won’t lie, the crash was on my mind.  It didn’t help that it was super windy.  I’ve never been so aware of  my surroundings, it was good to be around friends.  Never the less, I was constantly on the lookout for vehicles in front and behind me.  I even rode my brakes going down some of the steeper hills.  I never went above 25 miles per hour.  I hope that changes during my first race of the season, a duathlon in two weeks.

In addition to being a fun ride with my local triathlon club members ( it was also educational.   I have tons of new data to help me train smarter.  Whenever I ride my bike (indoors or out) I wear my Timex Global Trainer with GPS sports watch.  The functions are endless.  Here’s a direct  LINK to every Timex watch user manual.    This year I’m training with power and since my Global trainer is compatible with ANT+ technology  I’m also able to pick up my power information on my watch as well as my speed, cadence and distance thanks to my  TIMEX bike speed + cadence + distance sensor.

First of all, we rode just under 39 miles on Friday.  Our elevation ranged from 1591 feet to 2238 feet (+747).  My power was all over the place but in the end I averaged 193 watts.  My heart rate topped out at 189 bpm (my personal max) and averaged 148 for the day.   Overall it was a good ride followed by a 20 minute run/jog.  I nearly tripped starting my run.  My legs were so heavy and my lungs were tender (still are).  It’s funny how the mind is ready to take on a workout even when the body has other plans.  Sucks getting older, huh?!

It’s Monday now and yesterday we had snow.  I’ll have to wait for safer conditions before I head out again.  I’m looking forward to it!

You can follow my adventures in triathlon and endurance sports here and on my Timex Multisport Team profile.

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